Premier Launches Woodside’s Jobs Portal For Karratha Locals

Premier Launches Woodside’s Jobs Portal For Karratha Locals

Western Australia Premier Mark McGowan

Western Australia Minister for Planning Rita Saffioti

Woodside’s Jobs Portal To Secure Work For Karratha Locals

Victor P Taffa

  • Premier launches Woodside’s new Local Jobs Portal and Local Participation Plan
  • Plan to ensure Karratha locals are given more opportunities to secure work on Woodside projects, securing the region’ s long-term future
  • State Government works with Woodside to ensure Bay Village development leads to ongoing local jobs
  • Initiative paves the way for Browse and Scarborough gas to be brought onshore in Karratha

Premier Mark McGowan has today welcomed Woodside’s commitment to local jobs in Karratha, with the announcement of a new Local Jobs Portal and Local Participation Plan.

Local Participation Plan will ensure that Karratha locals are given the best possible chance of finding work on all Woodside projects in the Pilbara.

“Today’s announcement is about job creation and securing the future of Karratha. It also supports Woodside’s plans to bring Scarborough and Browse gas onshore, as it always should have.” Premier Mark McGowan said.

“Local Participation Plan will ensure that the next wave of Woodside projects create direct jobs for people in the Pilbara.”

As Woodside enters its growth and construction phase and invests significantly into its developments, thousands of job opportunities will be created which will secure the long-term future for Karratha.

Growth and expansion projects, including the Pluto expansion, upgrade of the Karratha Gas Plant and future processing of Browse and Scarborough gas in Karratha are part of Woodside’s plans to build on the significant infrastructure it has already developed locally.

Plan includes a Local Jobs Portal, an online tool where locals can register their skills and availability for jobs. Woodside will use the portal to find suitable workers from the Pilbara region before considering FIFO workers to work on its facilities in the region.

Woodside’ s contractors will also be required to use the Locals First Portal, to ensure more local jobs are created.

“Now we have these participation plans in place for local jobs in Karratha, as well as the Local Jobs Portal, the State will enter into negotiations for a land lease at Bay Village.” Minister for Planning Rita Saffioti said.

WA Minister for Planning Rita Saffioti









“Any subsequent development will be subject to normal planning approval processes with maximising local jobs our key consideration.”

Premier McGowan announced the State Government’ s intention to enter into lease negotiations for Bay Village, following Woodside’s commitment to the Local Participation Plan and a local content requirement that will ensure the village will create jobs for locals.

A local content requirement of 85 % will be placed on the village, which will create about 70 local jobs during construction and 30 ongoing operational jobs.

Bay Village will be a state-of-the-art accommodation facility to house workers during upgrade works at the Karratha Gas Plant, expansion of the Pluto plant, and during construction phases at the proposed Scarborough and Browse developments.

It will be a high-quality, modern, landscaped village that will integrate well with the surrounding residential areas.

“Karratha workers have the skill and the knowledge to do this work and the Local Jobs Portal will ensure they are in the box seat for future job opportunities.” Pilbara MLA Kevin Michel said.

“With the expansion of Pluto and the potential for Browse and Scarborough gas to be processed in Karratha, there is an opportunity to create a pipeline of jobs for locals, supporting the local economy for years to come.”

Signing of the lease is subject to normal financial and legal requirements, and Woodside’s commitment to deliver on the Local Participation Plan. Normal planning approval processes will also apply to the project.