Premier Congratulates Community For Extension To Wilmot Museum

Premier Congratulates Community For Extension To Wilmot Museum

Tasmania Premier Will Hodgman

Wilmot Extends A Window Into The Past

Victor P Taffa

The expansion of the Wilmot Museum will increase its capacity to share stories of the town’s past with visitors from near and far, Premier Hodgman said.

“The Hodgman Tasmania State Government recognises the important role played by more than 140 small museums and collections across the state, which act as custodians and story tellers of our cultural heritage.”








“The Government together with the Kentish Council and the community has provided about $75,000 for the extension and purchase of displays.” Mr. Hodgman said.

“This unique window into a bygone era will help to attract visitors to the regional community, and assist to reach our target of attracting 1.5 Million visitors to the state every year by 2020.”

“The extension is a testament to the dedicated volunteers who run the museum, who have recently undertaken expert training.” Mr. Hodgman said.

“With support provided by Arts Tasmania’s Roving Curator Program, the volunteers have developed a Collections Policy, an Interpretation Plan and a Significance Assessment tool. This has enabled best practice to be applied to the preservation of rare items to give invaluable insight into Wilmot’s past and ensure it can be enjoyed for generations to come.”

“I congratulate the Wilmot community and its volunteers whose dedicated fundraising efforts have made an enormous contribution to the museum and the entire community.” Mr. Hodgman said.