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Victoria Shadow Minister for Bushfire Response Peter Ryan

Brumby Breaks Another Bushfire Promise

Victor P Taffa

A new report shows Victoria Premier John Brumby can’t be trusted to implement key Bushfires Royal Commission recommendations after he fell short of his own modest fuel reduction burn targets, Shadow Minister for Bushfire Response and Leader of The Nationals Peter Ryan said today.

“The Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) Annual Report tabled in Parliament this week highlights the hollowness of John Brumby’s commitment to undertake additional fuel reduction burns in the aftermath of the tragic 2009 bushfires.” Mr. Ryan said.

“In a media conference on 14 February this year, John Brumby stated the 2009-10 fuel reduction burning program would ‘comfortably exceed the 150,000 [hectares] that was burnt in 08/09.”


“The DSE Annual Report revealed the Brumby Government carried out fuel reduction burns on only 146,106 hectares of public land during 2009-10.” Mr. Ryan said.

“When the Victorian Liberal Nationals Coalition grilled John Brumby in Parliament this week on why he had broken yet another promise on bushfire preparation, he sought to blame others for his failure.”

“Yet even by John Brumby’s own admission there has been ample opportunity for his government to carry out life-saving controlled burns in the past year.”

“The DSE Annual Report shows the government actually burnt 8000 hectares less than the year before.” Mr. Ryan said.

“How can Victorians be confident John Brumby will implement the Royal Commission’s recommendation to triple fuel reduction burning to 385,000 hectares a year if he is failing his own benchmark now?”

“The Bushfires Royal Commission final report, which criticised John Brumby’s failure to reduce Victoria’s fuel loads ahead of Black Saturday, made it absolutely clear fuel reduction burning must be boosted to protect lives.”

“John Brumby repeatedly ignored expert advice recommending the tripling of prescribed burning and now wants six years to reach that target.” Mr. Ryan said.

Editor Victor P Taffa sent an email request to Victoria Premier John Brumby’s Media Release List at the same time as the request was made to be on the Western Australia Government Media Release List. Premier Brumby’s Office never sent a message declining the offer to receive Victoria Government Media Releases. Editor Victor P Taffa publishes Media Releases from the Victoria Liberal Party website and the author of the Media Release is acknowledged at all times.


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