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Western Australia Premier and Treasurer Colin Barnett

Voluntary Separations Prove Successful

Victor P Taffa

More than 360 Management Administration and other Public Sector Employees have applied for the State Government’s second round of voluntary separations offer which closed on May 14.

Early estimates indicated that up to 300 employees were likely to accept the offer made in February.

The actual number of people seeking voluntary separations has reached 365.

Due to the oversubscription, State Cabinet today approved an extra $6 Million to meet full employment separations costs of the 365 employees.

A total of $30 Million was included in the 2010-11 State Budget.



Premier Colin Barnett said the reduction in staff levels aimed to achieve savings of $15 Million per year from 2010-11 onwards.

“This is another example of the Government’s commitment to an efficient and effective public sector.” the Premier said.

“The first round of the program offered in 2008-09 led to the voluntary separation of 469 employees, predominantly from Management Roles (328).”

“Of these, 371 were aged 51 years and over and 394 were from Metropolitan-Based jobs.”

The latest offer will bring the total number of people choosing to exit the public sector the Liberal-National Government has assisted to 834.

The offer will be applicable for all appropriation-funded general government sector agencies and includes the following features:

  • Full employment separation costs;
  • Agencies will be allowed to retain 50 % of the recurrent salary savings as an incentive to participate and to help meet existing cost pressures;
  • The remaining 50 % (estimated at around $15 Million per year from 2010-11) will be returned to the Consolidated Account;
  • Officers who wish to take up this offer will be required to exit the public sector by June 30, 2010.

Employees who take up the redundancy offer would be entitled to three weeks’ pay for every year of service to a maximum of 52 weeks, in addition to holiday and long service leave entitlements (and, where applicable, 12 weeks’ pay in lieu of notice).


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