Portrait Of Victoria Premier Ted Baillieu

Portrait Of Victoria Premier Ted Baillieu

Parliament Of Victoria

Ted Baillieu Portrait

Victor P Taffa

On Friday 14 October 2016 the official portrait of Victoria’s 46th Premier, the Hon. Ted Baillieu, was unveiled.

It becomes part of the historic Premiers Portraits collection at Parliament House.

Painted by accomplished artist Sally Ryan, the portrait was unveiled by the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, Telmo Languiller and the President of the Legislative Council, Bruce Atkinson at a ceremony held in Queen’s Hall.

Mr. Baillieu and his wife Robyn were special guests at the unveiling, along with the artist, members of the Baillieu family and Parliamentarians.

The Portrait Gallery for former Premiers of Victoria was initiated by the Hon. Frederick Grimwade, President of the Legislative Council from 1979-1985.

It is now a Parliamentary tradition to commission a painting of former Premiers at the end of their Parliamentary term.

Mr. Baillieu served as the Member for Hawthorn in the Legislative Assembly from September 1999 to November 2014, and was Premier and Minister for the Arts from 2010-2013.

The Portrait’s Artist Sally Ryan has exhibited extensively in Australia as well as internationally. She is the recipient of many prestigious awards and prizes including the Kennedy Prize 2014, and was a finalist in the Archibald Prize 2013, Black Swan Portrait Prize 2015 and Hunters Hill Art Prize 2016.

Visitors to Parliament House can view the collection of Premiers Portraits, including the new portrait, in Queen’s Hall. More information on the Premiers Portraits is available from the collection’s webpage.


Edward Norman Baillieu

Premier 2nd December 2010 – 6th March 2013.

Edward Norman Baillieu was born on 31st July 1953 in Melbourne. Educated at Melbourne Grammar School and The University of Melbourne, he registered as an architect in 1979.

In September 1999, Baillieu successfully ran for the seat of Hawthorn, and held this seat until his resignation from Parliament in November 2014.

Baillieu held a variety of positions whilst in Opposition; Shadow Minister for Tertiary Education and Training, Gaming, Planning, Arts and Leader of the Opposition, Leader of the Victorian Liberal Nationals Coalition.

At the December 2010 elections, the Liberal Nationals Coalition, led by Ted Baillieu, defeated Labor and Baillieu became the 46th Premier. Throughout his term as Premier Baillieu also served as Minister for the Arts.


History Of The Premiers Portraits

The Hon. Frederick Grimwade, President of the Legislative Council 1979-1985, initiated the idea of a portrait gallery for former Premiers of Victoria. He arranged for paintings to be commissioned from photographs of former non-living Premiers and life studies of living former Premiers.

Every Premier since 1933 (with the exception of Ian MacFarlan, who was Premier for 51 days) is represented in the portrait collection. Prior to this date there are portraits of only 4 former Premiers.

The portraits were originally displayed in the corridor leading to the Members Dining Room, appropriately named the ‘Premiers’ Corridor’.

Grimwade’s initiative was a success and eventually the collection of portraits grew so large that another space in the building had to be considered for their display.

In 2001, the year of the Centenary of Federation and Sesquicentenary of the Legislative Council, the portraits were moved to Queen’s Hall. In the Roman Revival style architecture of the lofty Hall, the group of portraits are positioned around a centrally placed marble statue of Queen Victoria.

There are currently 18 Premiers portraits in this collection. The 17 most recent are on display in Queen’s Hall, while the 1893 portrait of Premier James Paterson, the largest in the collection, hangs in Premiers’ Corridor.


The Artist And The Portrait

Sally Ryan

Sally Ryan is a highly acclaimed Australian portrait artist who has exhibited extensively in Australia as well as internationally and is an exhibiting member of Portrait Artists Australia.

Guided by the work of the Flemish masters such as Vermeer and Rembrandt, she is recognised for her contemporary realism style. Before portraiture became her primary focus, Sally worked for a number of years in graphic and ceramic arts. These practices laid the foundation for the patterning and detail her art is noted for today.

Commissioned portraits include: Dr. Catherine Hamlin AC (this work was a finalist in the 2013 Archibald Prize), Professor Michael Morgan, Kenneth Reed AM, and Dr. Bob Chia.

Sally is represented in significant collections across the country and is the recipient of many prestigious awards and prizes including an Archibald Prize finalist in 2013; Winner of the Kennedy Prize in 2014, Finalist in the Black Swan Portrait Prize 2015 and a Finalist in the Hunters Hill Art Prize 2016.