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Western Australia Attorney General Christian Porter

Reported Rates Of Crime Down 12.7 %

Victor P Taffa

Overall reported rates of crime have continued to decrease under the Liberal-National Government with the latest WA Crime Statistics showing a decrease of 12.7 % in the last financial year.

Announcing the statistics today Attorney General Christian Porter and Police Commissioner Karl O’Callaghan said reported offences against the person were reduced by 1,799 offences (5.2 %) in the 12 months to June 2010.

Reported offences against the property also dropped by 25,874 offences (14.2 %) in the last financial year.

Mr. Porter said the latest statistics showed that reported offences had continued a downward trend in the past 18 months.



“By every measure, crime has shown sustained, significant and quite unprecedented decreases since the State Government took office in 2008.” the Minister said.

“This Government identified tackling crime and anti-social behaviour as a major priority from day one.”

“We’ve put more Police on the street, introduced a range of legislative measures to target certain forms of offending, seen a far more stringent approach to parole, taken more serious offenders off our streets and significantly expanded the delivery of rehabilitative programs in our jails.”

“Many different factors affect crime rates, and it is very heartening to see WA Police, Corrective Services and all other relevant agencies and arms of Government working together to help produce these kinds of results.”

“There will always be more that can be done and, for as long as we are in office, tackling crime will be a major funding and legislative priority for the Government.”

Police Commissioner Karl O’Callaghan said that a number of Policing and Justice Initiatives, as well as environmental factors, had contributed to the cut in crime.

“This is a great result for the community with a decline in overall reported offences of nearly 13 %, or nearly 26,000 offences, on the previous financial year.” Commissioner O’Callaghan said.

“Police can’t take all the credit but I am very proud of the major role my officers and staff play in tackling crime.”

Noteworthy reductions in reported crime in the 2009-10 financial year:

1.           Burglary (Dwelling) – 11.3 % (2,797 offences)

2.           Burglary (Non-dwelling) – 27.4 % (3,176 offences)

3.           Motor vehicle theft – 12.7 % (950 offences)

4.           Non-domestic assault – 4.6 % (660 offences)

5.           Robbery (Business) – 23.6 % (83 offences)

6.           Theft – 14.5 % (11,465 offences)

7.           Property Damage – 12.0 % (5,392 offences).


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