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Western Australia Minister for Water Graham Jacobs

Port Hedland First Cab Off The Rank For New $100 Million Infill Sewerage Program

Victor P Taffa

Water Minister Graham Jacobs today announced two adjoining areas of Port Hedland, involving more than 250 residential blocks, would be provided with a Sewerage Service, Funded from the Liberal-National Government’s $100 Million Infill Sewerage Program.

Speaking in Port Hedland, Dr. Jacobs said it was expected that tenders would be called for the estimated $7.5 Million Project within three months with work expected to start next March and be completed in the spring of 2012.

The areas involved were bounded by Anderson, Sutherland, Morgan and McGregor Streets. Much of this area had been rezoned as part of the Port Hedland Land Use Master Plan.




“I am very pleased to be here today to announce the first projects to be awarded for the 2010-11 year will see sewerage connections installed in the Pilbara the Powerhouse of Australia.” Dr. Jacobs said.

“I recently visited the area and am satisfied that it meets all the health and other criteria for an immediate go ahead.”

“In the past two years, many of the lots to be sewered through this package have been rezoned under the Port Hedland Land Use Master Plan from R30 to R50 and R80 meaning there will be a lot of people living there in the future, making infill sewerage a key priority.”

The Minister said while the Water Corporation had completed detailed design for these projects, the preliminaries to works component would take about three months to complete.

“That means the corporation will be able to call tenders just before Christmas.” Dr. Jacobs said.

“It is expected work will get under way in March 2011 following the wet season and continue over two winter cycles.”

Dr. Jacobs said the Government would allocate $2 Million to allow the Water Corporation to undertake investigation and design work in various projected infill project areas across the State to get them ‘shovel ready’.

“We are examining further priority areas and the release of this money will allow for a head start on projects for the future.” the Minister said.

“Expect further announcements on projects in the next few months.”

The Water Corporation will shortly inform the local community of all details of the Port Hedland Projects.


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