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Tasmania Shadow Minister for Health Jeremy Rockliff

O’Byrne Must Answer Questions Over Senior Hospital Appointments

Victor P Taffa

The Secretary of DHHS**, Matthew Daly, has today stated clearly that incoming Governing Councils have the responsibility to make the recommendation for appointment of hospital CEOs.*, according to Shadow Minister for Health Jeremy Rockliff.

“This throws further doubt over Michelle O’Byrne’s recent decision to appointed Jane Holden to the job of CEO in the south for a period of five years without the agreement of the Governing Councils, which haven’t even been established.”

“Why is it that Ms. Holden was appointed in spite of the fact that the Governing Councils haven’t been established, but Mr. Kirwan apparently cannot be?” Mr. Rockliff asked.


“The Minister has some explaining to do. She has said Ms. Holden was appointed because the south needed certainty, but what about certainty for the north and the north-west health services?”

“It’s clear that doctors, staff and the Launceston community support their current CEO and recent comments to a heath inquiry hearing from the new Health Department Secretary have done nothing but create uncertainty.” Mr. Rockliff said.

“The Health Minister has made a mess of the health system with her decision to close hospital beds, slash elective surgery and cut frontline staff.”

“Now she is making a mess of the transition to national health reform by her premature appointment of the southern-based CEO and poor treatment of the northern CEO.” Mr. Rockliff said.

*The Examiner, 11/04/2012

**Department of Health and Human Services


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