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Western Australia Minister for Tourism Elizabeth Constable

Western Australia Minister for Culture and Arts John Day

State Government Support Secures ‘A Day In Pompeii’ For WA

Victor P Taffa

The Western Australia State Government has secured one of the world’s most successful exhibitions  A Day in Pompeii  which will open at the Western Australian Museum this autumn.

Tourism Minister Liz Constable said it was a triumph to secure the exhibition that had been successful in London, New York, Los Angeles and Melbourne.

A Day in Pompeii is an extraordinary cultural and educational exhibition that has been almost 2,000 years in the making and I encourage everyone to experience it.” Dr. Constable said.



A Day in Pompeii is a fascinating travelling exhibition and multi-media show that tells a story of daily life in the ancient city prior to its destruction in 79 AD after the volcanic Mount Vesuvius erupted.”

“The Melbourne Museum had initially secured an agreement to be the only Australian city to exhibit ‘A Day in Pompeii’ however EventsCorp was able to capitalise on an opportunity to bring this exhibition to WA.”

Culture and the Arts Minister John Day said it was a coup for the State Government and the museum to host the exhibition.

A Day in Pompeii is Australia’s most successful museum exhibition, having attracted more than 330,000 people in Melbourne – more than 2,700 a day.” Mr. Day said.

“Visitors to the Western Australian Museum will be able to see hundreds of objects from the town of Pompeii that include casts of bodies and animals caught up in the eruption, as well as statues, painted frescoes, ornaments and mosaics.

“A special 3D show will allow people to experience the volcano’s power and learn about how the town of Pompeii was wiped out.” Mr. Day said.

A Day in Pompeii will be held at the Western Australian Museum from May 20 until September 5, 2010.


WA Minister for Culture and Arts John Day

WA Minister for Culture and Arts John Day



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