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Poor Polling For Labor In Queensland

Victor P Taffa

According to  ReachTel has published the results of an automated phone poll of 702 respondents in Kevin Rudd’s electorate of Griffith, and it points to a 4% swing to the Liberal National Party enough to pare back his margin to 4.5%, and raise doubts about Labor’s prospects in Liberal National Party marginals.

The primary votes from the poll are:

  • 45.6% for Kevin Rudd,
  • 41.0% for LNP candidate Bill Glasson,
  • 8.0% for the Greens.

Only 2 Prime Ministers have lost their seats in the history of Australian Politics since Federation in 1901.

In 1929 Stanley Melbourne Bruce was defeated in his seat of Flinders in Victoria only to be re-elected in 1931.

In 2007 John Winston Howard was defeated in his seat of Bennelong in New South Wales.

Kevin Rudd won the seat of Griffith in 1998 which was previously a safe Liberal seat.


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