Police Stripped Of Pursuit Powers

Police Stripped Of Pursuit Powers

Queensland Shadow Minister for Police & Emergency Services Glen Elmes

Criminals And Thugs Will Rule Roads Under Labor’s Pursuit Policy

Victor P Taffa

Criminals and dangerous drivers will have the rule of Queensland roads thanks to a further watering down of Police Pursuit Policy by the long term Labor Government, the State Opposition said today.

Shadow Minister for Police Glen Elmes said the Christmas Eve Bombshell stripped Police of the use of any discretion when a lawful intercept turns into a driver evading Police.

“Despite the current Policy resulting in a massive 40 % reduction in Police Pursuits, this Labor Government wants to further erode Police Decision Making Powers.” Mr. Elmes said.

“Once again Labor has bent over backwards to Criminals and our hard working Police are shunted.”

Mr. Elmes said the LNP had called more than a year ago for tougher evade Police Laws similar to those introduced in New South Wales.

“Labor just can’t make a decision for itself choosing to sit on its hands waiting for the CMC to decide whether to recommend new evade Police Laws, despite tougher deterrence clearly being needed in the State’s Laws.” Mr. Elmes said.

“People who evade Police and lead them on pursuits should have the book thrown at them, not given a green light to run.”

“This latest attack on the role of Police Officers is a long line of decisions that have tied the hands of our Police.” Mr. Elmes said.

“The LNP is committed to holding criminals and offenders accountable for their crimes and will support our Police in the tough job they have to do.” Mr. Elmes said.