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Victoria Shadow Minister for Police Peter Ryan

Brumby’s Invisible Police Minister Must Front Public Debate

Victor P Taffa

Premier John Brumby’s Police Minister James Merlino must come out of hiding and face up to a Public Debate on Victoria’s increasing violent crime rates and chronic shortage in frontline Police.

Shadow Minister for Police and Leader of The Nationals Peter Ryan has issued a challenge to James Merlino to a public debate on law and order following the Minister’s ‘no show’ on an ABC Stateline law and order debate last Friday.

“Victorians deserve a frank and open debate ahead of the state election on what each side of Politics will do to tackle the chronic Police Shortages and the increase in violent crime and assaults on our Streets over the past decade.” Mr. Ryan said.



“James Merlino can’t keep hiding if the Minister is up to the job he should front up to a public debate. I am happy to have a debate on law and order at any time and at any place.”

“Labor’s track record on Public Safety and Police Resourcing over 11 years in power is such a disgrace it’s little wonder that James Merlino is too frightened to Publicly Debate.” Mr. Ryan said.

“The facts are that Victoria has the lowest number of frontline Police per capita and spends the least on Police Resources per capita than any other state in Australia.”

“At the same time violent crime rates have risen 45 % and assault has increased by 75 % over the past decade.”

“We are now witnessing criminal bikie gangs on the march to make Victoria their home because of John Brumby’s soft laws on these gangs.” Mr. Ryan said.

“Victorians do not feel safe on the streets, on Public Transport at night and even in their homes.”

Mr. Ryan said the Victorian Liberal Nationals Coalition had a strong plan to protect Victorians on our streets, on Public Transport and in their homes with a more visible Police Force and Stronger Laws.

“The Coalition will invest in 1,700 new Frontline Police Officers and more than 900 Victoria Police Protective Services Officers to protect our Streets and our Train, Tram and Bus Networks.” Mr. Ryan said.

“We will strengthen our laws so that criminals pay for their crimes, introduce tough new knife laws and crack down on criminal bikie gangs.” Mr. Ryan said.


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