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Tasmania Shadow Minister for Police and Emergency Management Elise Archer

Police Minister Either Clueless Or Loose With The Truth

Victor P Taffa

On Saturday, David O’Byrne claimed in the Mercury that mobile phones used for operational purposes have not been taken away from Police, according to Shadow Minister for Police and Emergency Management Elise Archer.

“But today, Police have come out vehemently denying the Minister’s claims. It’s bad enough that Minister David O’Byrne has suspended Police recruitment indefinitely and further compromised Police safety with cuts to the car fleet. Frontline officers are already under significant strain without the additional pressures from cuts such as this.” Ms. Archer said.

“Who would you believe, a Minister of an embattled, failing Green-Labor Government struggling to retain community support or frontline, serving Police officers who are directly feeling the effects of the Government’s budget cuts?”

“Mr. O’Byrne’s credibility is on the line over this issue does he stand by his claim that not one mobile phone has been removed from operational Police officers?” Ms. Archer asked.


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