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Hawkesbury Local Area Command

PolAir Rescues Missing Couple From River – Grose Wold

Police have located and rescued a man and woman reported missing from Grose Wold.

The 24-year-old man from Kurmond and the 23-year-old Wilberforce woman had last been seen at 8.40 pm yesterday when they parked their car at the Navua Reserve at Grose Wold.

The couple has told Police they entered the Hawkesbury River on lilos before they were thrown off.

The couple managed to swim to the river bank and held onto tree branches for the night.

The alarm was raised by the man’s father about 7 am today when he was not able to contact his son.

A search was launched using PolAir, Police Rescue and the SES.

About 8.45 am a PolAir crew spotted the couple in scrubland a few kilometres downstream.

NSW Police Force

NSW Police Force







“Needless to say everyone is very relieved and happy with the outcome.” Inspector Alex Kurcubic from Hawkesbury Local Area Command said.

“I want to remind people that we urge them to register with Police all recreational activities planned to be conducted on the river.”

“It is important for everyone to exercise extreme caution on the Hawkesbury and Colo rivers, especially in times of heavy rain.”


State Emergency Service NSW

State Emergency Service NSW


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