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South Australia Shadow Minister for Health Martin Hamilton-Smith

Minister Gets It Wrong & Attacks Auditor-General

Victor P Taffa

Minister Hill’s claims this afternoon that the Opposition are inaccurate in suggesting that there are two sets of ledgers for overseas travel is factually incorrect.

The Auditor-General says on page 17 of his report ‘The Department maintains two registers, one to meet FBT compliance obligations and the other to facilitate travel report obligations. There were a number of differences noted between the two registers’.

“It is the Auditor-General who in black and white has said the minister is maintaining two registers, one for the tax man, and another for Parliament.” Shadow Minister for Health Martin Hamilton-Smith said.


“Minister Hill and his CE are the only people saying there is just one register.”

“I choose to believe the independent watchdog, who states in black and white the facts on the financial mismanagement rife in Minister Hill’s department. Once again Minister Hill has chosen to attack the Auditor-General instead of addressing the substance of the issue.”

“Minister Hill has a long established track record of denigrating and demeaning the work of the Auditor-General.”

In December, Minister Hill took a swipe at the Auditor-General stating ‘The Auditor-General has an opinion. He’s not God, he’s a person’.”

“On the April 4th, a day before the supplementary report into Health was tabled six months late, the Health Minister repeated his claim that the delay in reporting was a result of the Auditor’s department, rather than accepting responsibility for the chaos in Health.”

“Minister Hill is developing a track record of arrogance and disdain towards the Auditor’s role and has continually failed to heed his advice.” Mr. Hamilton-Smith said.


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