Planning Policy Chaos

Planning Policy Chaos

Tasmania Shadow Minister for Planning Elise Archer

Planning Directive = More Talk, Not Action

Victor P Taffa

Calls today by the Housing Industry Association, Master Builders Association and the Property Council of Australia for the State Government to introduce a single Residential Planning Code should not be ignored.

The Tasmanian Liberals echo the calls of industry groups for a show of leadership on this issue. The Government should cease talking about the issue and act.

We are approaching one year since then Planning Minister David Llewellyn announced that Labor agreed with the Tasmanian Liberals’ Policy that there would be a move to a Statewide Residential Planning Code.



“Minister for Planning, Bryan Green, and the Labor-Green government, need to show leadership. Following consultation with industry it is clear there is absolutely no reason why the State Government can’t show leadership and act now.” Elise Archer Shadow Minister for Planning said today.

Additionally, with both the Liberals and presumably the Greens still supporting a Statewide Residential Planning Code, there should be nothing standing in the government’s way of acting on this vital issue.

“Minister Green should announce that he will introduce such a Code as soon as the Parliament resumes.” Ms. Archer said.