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New South Wales Minister for Transport Andrew Constance

Redfern Railway Station Upgrade With New Southern Concourse

Victor P Taffa

New South Wales Government is improving accessibility at Redfern Railway Station as part of the Transport Access Program.

Project aims to provide a railway station precinct that is accessible to those with a disability, limited mobility, parents/carers with prams and customers with luggage.

Upgrading Redfern Railway Station will make it easier for all customers to access, as well as improving connections between the station and key destinations in the area. The upgrade includes a new concourse at the southern end of the station.

Key Benefits:

  • Easy access to Platforms 1 to 10 with 6 new stairs and lifts
  • Better connectivity with the surrounding areas including key destinations such as South Eveleigh (formerly known as Australian Technology Park), Carriageworks and education centres

Upgrading Redfern Railway Station is the first step in renewing the Redfern and North Eveleigh precinct.

Suburb Of Redfern

Suburb of Redfern is named after surgeon William Redfern, who was granted 100 acres of land in this area in 1817 by New South Wales Governor Lachlan Macquarie.

He built a country house on his property surrounded by flower and kitchen gardens. His neighbours were Captain Cleveland, an officer of the 73rd regiment, who built Cleveland House and John Baptist, who ran a nursery and seed business.

Bradfield Sydney CBD Railway Plan









Bradfield Sydney CBD Railways

Dr. John Bradfield designed the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Metropolitan Railways, Brisbane Storey Bridge and many dams.

Dr. John Bradfield also planned railway lines to the Northern Beaches and South-Eastern suburbs.

New South Wales Parliament approved other railway lines that have never been built such as an Eastwood-St. Leonards railway line.

Dr. Bradfield’s second city circle railway enabled trains to operate from a planned south-eastern railway line to the western suburbs line through Five Dock.

Both of these plans were never built.

Inspiration and name of Bradfield Line on Editor Victor P Taffa’s website came from Dr. John Bradfield and what he did for Railways in Sydney many decades ago.

Wikipedia Redfern Railway Station Map

NSW Minister for Transport Andrew Constance











Redfern Railway Station Platforms 13 & 14 And Bradfield Line

Redfern Railway Station in Sydney, New South Wales was originally known as Eveleigh Railway Station.

Redfern was also the original terminus railway station until the opening of Sydney Central Railway Station on 5 August 1906.

Over the years, platforms were added at Redfern Railway Station.

Eastern Suburbs Railway Line opened on 23 June 1979. Opening of Eastern Suburbs Railway Line included new underground platforms 11 & 12 at Redfern Railway Station.

Redfern Railway Station Platforms 13 & 14 were started during construction of the Eastern Suburbs Line.

Yet like so often, some saw money spent on railways to be a waste of money and other priorities took hold.

Dr. John Bradfield designed the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Metropolitan Railways, Brisbane Storey Bridge and many dams.

Lilyfield Light Rail operates along the former goods railway line that Dr. Bradfield designed.

Sydney needs a second city circle railway line of which Dr. John Bradfield had planned for.

As part of the Bradfield Line would see completion and commissioning of some dormant and incomplete platforms.

Originally the Bradfield Line was to have a new tunnel built from Central Platforms 26 & 27 and emerge near Redfern Railway Station.

Dive Tunnel Portals

Metropolitan Sydney has many locations of incomplete dive tunnels for railway lines that are waiting for more State Government funding.

Incomplete dive tunnel portals are located near Redfern Railway Station.

Macdonaldtown Railway Station removed island platform would be an ideal location for a new dive portal that enables trains to rejoin the western line via sets of points.

Bradfield Heavy Rail Line would be used by Western Line Trains except Richmond and Northern Line Trains.

For those Commuters who board at Blacktown and wish to alight at North Sydney can simply catch a Richmond Line Train.

Bradfield Line will result in more seats on Western Line services.

This will result in the complete duplication of the Richmond Line.

Bradfield Line Railway Stations

Redfern                       Utilise incomplete Platforms 13 & 14

Central                        Utilise unused Platforms 26 & 27

Darling Harbour          U/G near IMAX Theatre

King Street                  U/G near Shelley Street

Bridge Street               U/G Bridge/ Loftus Street Int.

Parliament                   U/G Macquarie Street near Parliament House

St. James                     Utilise unused Platforms 2 & 3

Hyde Park Corner       U/G Wentworth Ave/ College Street Int.

Central                        Utilise unused Platforms 26 & 27

Redfern                       Utilise incomplete Platforms 13 & 14

Bradfield Line Map


NSW Dr. John Bradfield










Redfern Railway Station

Redfern Railway Station currently has 12 commissioned platforms and 2 platforms that are incomplete. Platforms 13 & 14 are incomplete.

Redfern Railway Station Incomplete Platforms 13 & 14 were not fully constructed and are situated west of Platforms 11 & 12 and behind Platform 10.

Bradfield Line map that also includes a direct double track extension with the Eastern Suburbs Line.

Pedestrian Tunnel

A Pedestrian Tunnel would connect Hyde Park Corner Railway Station with Museum Railway Station. When the City-Surf and Mardi Gras events are on, Museum Railway Station is full to overflowing and as such a Pedestrian Tunnel will ensure maximum and a safe flow of passengers at these very busy times.

Railway Administration

Currently we have a bureaucratic fight going on between the Metro Rail Authority and Sydney Trains. Metro Rail Authority should be dissolved and the Metro Rail Authority Act repealed. Sydney only needs 1 single Heavy Rail Network administered by the same team of people.

Sydney only needed 1 single Heavy Rail Network during the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games which moved large numbers of people safely and successfully.

Railway Funding

Transport funding needs to be equivalent to Health and Education in all Federal, State and Territory Governments across Australia.

Railways and Tramways are underfunded and have failed to keep pace with population growth over several decades. Funding also involves the following sources:

  • Railways Lottery
  • Restaurant/Lounge Carriages (Expanded network enables greater capacity)
  • Railway Bonds


Redfern Railway Station Upgrade Plan With Modified Little Eveleigh Street Option


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