Pilbara Water Capacity Increase

Pilbara Water Capacity Increase

Western Australia Minister for Water Bill Marmion

Pilbara Water Servicing Applications Approved

Victor P Taffa

Water Minister Bill Marmion announced today that a further 40 Water Service connections have been approved in the Pilbara to support growth in the Region and the Government’s Pilbara Cities vision.

Mr. Marmion said the development of an additional 767 new dwellings in Onslow, Karratha, Port and South Hedland which had depended on the availability of a water supply could now go ahead.

“As the new Minister for Water, I am very pleased to announce that following extensive investigations by the Water Corporation, we are now able to give the green light for hundreds of new dwellings in these towns.” Mr. Marmion said.

“These new applications are in addition to other recent approvals and are a further demonstration of the Government’s commitment to moving ahead with the Pilbara Cities vision.”

Mr. Marmion said drilling investigations at the existing Onslow source, the Cane River borefield, were under way and final results would be known early next year.

“The Water Corporation is confident there is enough additional capacity to immediately approve six pending water service applications, representing 37 dwellings.” the Minister said.

“These new connections are in addition to the 110 already approved, but still to be developed in Onslow.”

The Minister said drilling was also under way at the existing Yule River source to cater for upcoming growth in Port and South Hedland.

“Results so far are highly encouraging allowing 25 connections, representing 239 dwellings, to be approved.” Mr. Marmion said.

“This brings the total approved new connections in these East Pilbara towns to 1,496.” Mr. Marmion said.

For the West Pilbara, Minister Marmion acknowledged nine new water service applications had been approved following October’s announcement of a six gigalitre-a-year seawater desalination plant, to be commissioned by April 2013.

These new approvals represented 491 dwellings, including two worker camp expansions. A further 1,350 water service connections have been approved in recent years.

The Minister said the Water Corporation had a $645 Million Capital Works Program over the next four years to upgrade and build new infrastructure to meet demand in the Region. This included the West Pilbara Desalination Plant.

The Water Corporation has also embarked on an $11 Million Water Efficiency Program in the Pilbara, jointly funded by the Federal Government.

The program aims to save 10 % of scheme water use in the region, to ensure that existing commercial and industrial water use is efficient and not wasted.