Petrol Subsidy Axed

Petrol Subsidy Axed

South Australia Shadow Minister for Regional Development Steven Griffiths

2011 Starts With Labor’s Next Blow To Regional SA

Victor P Taffa

The Rann Labor Government has delivered yet another blow to Regional SA to kick off 2011 with the removal of Petroleum Subsidy Scheme coming into effect on January 1st.

Regional communities were previously receiving a petrol subsidy from the State Government based on distance with petrol more than 100km from Adelaide subsidised by 3.3 cents per litre.

The cancellation of this subsidy will save the State Government $50 Million over four years.

Petrol Prices in country SA are expected to soar by up to 3.3 cents per litre increasing the cost of farming, freight and the long distance travel required by many regional families.

Shadow Minister for Regional Development, Steven Griffiths said today that the Rann Labor Government’s reckless decision to axe the Petrol Subsidy was a direct attack on Regional South Australians but would affect people all over the State.

“The city-centric Rann Labor Government has left Regional South Australians to bear the brunt of soaring Petrol Prices at a time when they can least afford it.”

“This reckless decision will not only impact on regional South Australians but also hurt the hip pockets of people all over the State.” Mr. Griffiths said.

“When Petrol Prices increase the cost of farming and freight also goes up and these price rises will be passed on to every South Australian at the supermarket checkout.”

“At the peak of the holiday season South Australian tourism is also set to suffer as soaring petrol prices make it harder for people to travel.”

“This tired, arrogant and disinterested Labor Government has lost its way and all South Australians are suffering because of it.” Mr. Griffiths said.

The New South Wales Labor Government recently stopped the Petrol Subsidy for Oil to be carried on Rail. Regional New South Wales has lost four Rail Terminal Facilities and this has forced all oil to be carried dangerously on inadequate Country Roads that are called Highways.

Most recently in New South Wales on the Single-Lane Section of the Pacific Highway Death Trap saw an Oil Tanker explode as the Driver was found melted in his cabin.

Regional and Rural Highways in New South Wales are in urgent need of Duplication and this includes the completion of the Hume Highway Project.

The Anti-Rail Lobby cannot have NO money spent on Railway Lines and NO money spent on Regional and Rural Highways. Improvements to Railway Lines will NOT be the death knell of the Car Industry.

The Baillieu/Ryan/Mulder Victoria Government has announced that Princes Highway West will be Duplicated and at the same time have a comprehensive Plan to Upgrade and Expand Victoria’s Railways and Tramways which involves the Creation of an Independent Public Transport Authority.