Perth Residents Save 7.5 Billion Litres Of Water Since July

Perth Residents Save 7.5 Billion Litres Of Water Since July

Western Australia Minister for Water Bill Marmion

Wishing Perth Residents A Waterwise Christmas

Victor P Taffa

  • Residents urged to continue their Target 60 efforts over Christmas
  • 7.5 Billions of litres of water saved since July with the aid of Target 60

Perth residents have saved 7.5 Billion litres of water since July and Water Minister Bill Marmion is encouraging people to keep up the good work during the hot summer period.

 “Water use peaks in summer and I’m asking people to really try and adhere to the Target 60 message and reduce their water use by 60 litres per person, per day.” Mr. Marmion said.

 “So far we have saved 7.5 Billion litres of water since July, which has been an amazing effort, but with water use to peak at 1 Billion litres a day over summer it’s important for everyone to keep saving.”

 “Our aim is to help business and households reduce their water use by 25 % over the next 50 years, which starts with everyone making a promise to use water sustainably.”  

 The Minister said ways to reduce water use included only running your washing machine and dishwasher when full, reducing irrigation time by a couple of minutes, and making sure your family kept showers to four minutes or less.

 “The Bureau of Meteorology has predicted a scorching 39° for Christmas Day so if you’re planning to keep cool with an inflatable pool, make sure you reuse the water on your gardens.” Mr. Marmion said.

 “Those with pools should use their pool cover as much as possible as evaporation is high during summer.”

 Fact File

  • Water use on a hot day over summer peaks at 1 Billion litres. This is the equivalent to 23,810 backyard swimming pools
  • Under the Liberal-National Government, 22,000 households across WA are already receiving one-on-one advice on how household water use can be improved through the H2ome Smart Program