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Western Australia Minister for Regional Development Brendon Grylls

Royalties For Regions Funding Boosts Social Service Sustainability

Victor P Taffa

A project designed to build capacity and sustainability of community service providers in the Peel Region and provide a stronger voice in policy-making at State and Federal levels has been awarded Royalties for Regions Funding.

The Peel Community Development Group (PCDG) will receive $185,000 from the Peel Development Commission’s strategic fund to implement a significant community project in partnership with the West Australian Council of Social Services Inc (WACOSS)

Regional Development Minister Brendon Grylls launched the project today at a community consultation seminar facilitated by WACOSS at the Meadow Springs Country Club.

Mr. Grylls said this project would help ensure that Policy Makers better understood regional needs from those who know it best Regional People.



“The model being developed in Peel will be a showcase that can be replicated or modified for other regional communities.”

“The Peel Community Development Group is the main voice for the social sector of the Peel region and is unique in being a region-wide representative body for this sector.” the Minister said.

“As a result they are well placed to assist the community deal with the effects of demographic, social and economic change.”

The additional funding will give PCDG the opportunity to work with the State’s peak body to build stronger local expertise in capacity building, management and governance, as well as contribute to the State and Federal debates relevant to social issues in the Peel region.

WACOSS’s knowledge of international and national trends in community services and their broader networks will help PCDG drive the project.

Acting CEO of the Peel Development Commission, Ms. Colleen Yates said the grant was supported by the commission as one of the region’s highest strategic priorities.

“This shows the value of regional decision-making, and the importance of the community services sector working closely with the Regional Development Commissions.” Ms. Yates said.

“Given the Peel is one of WA’s fastest growing regions with more than 300 community services providers, this partnership will help the region’s sector work together on new approaches to build strong, viable, responsive services into the future.”

At the launch today, the Minister encouraged seminar participants to identify what must be done to assist vital services in the Peel region remained viable so they could continue helping the vulnerable or disadvantaged.


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