Peak Service Agency Welcomes Coalition Homeless Announcement

Peak Service Agency Welcomes Coalition Homeless Announcement

Hanover Welfare Services

Hanover Welfare Services CEO Tony Keenan

Victoria Shadow Minister for Community Services Mary Wooldridge

Hanover Welcomes Coalition’s Young People’s Housing And Jobs Policy

Victor P Taffa

Hanover Welfare Services welcomed today’s announcement by the Baillieu Victorian Coalition that it would invest $34.7 Million in the development of Youth Foyers and Work and Learning Centres.

Hanover Welfare Services Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Tony Keenan said that initiatives which have a strong focus on engagement in education, such as those announced today by the Coalition, give young homeless Victorians a real chance at breaking the cycle of homelessness.



“Models such as these will provide a significant chance for young homeless people, especially those who may have been in foster care, to get a chance for the same opportunities as other young Victorians. We congratulate the Coalition for this thoughtful and significant commitment” Mr. Keenan said.

“Hanover has been advocating strongly to both sides of politics for the need to move beyond models that simply provide a roof over someone’s head for a short period. We are really pleased that both major parties have made commitments to youth foyers. These are about providing a long term support to ensure that the most disadvantaged young Victorians get a genuine chance to succeed in life” Mr. Keenan said.

Mr. Keenan said that overseas evaluations of foyers showed that this type of reform provides real opportunities for vulnerable young people to get a start in life. Foyers generally provide up to two years of accommodation and support with the condition that the young person works to becoming engaged in Education.

“Independent evaluations of foyers in the UK showed that 75% of young people exited foyers successfully engaged in further education, employment or both. These approaches which join up services between education, housing and other supports provide real opportunities and represent substantial shift away from the welfare trap approaches of the past” Mr. Keenan said.

ABOUT Hanover Welfare Services

Established in 1964, Hanover is a leading Melbourne based agency which provides services to people experiencing homelessness or housing crisis. Hanover takes its name from its first location in Hanover Street, Fitzroy.  Hanover is independent; it has no structural links with churches, institutions or governments.

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