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New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian

New South Wales Minister for Roads Andrew Constance

New M4 Tunnels To Open This Weekend

Victor P Taffa

Peak Hour Traffic Crawl extends to the new M4 Tunnels which open from Saturday morning, slashing travel times for tens of thousands of Western Sydney drivers who currently sit in traffic on Parramatta Road every day.

Peak Hour Traffic Crawl will simply switch from Parramatta Road to the M4 Tunnel.

Only way to solve this chaos is to expand Sydney’s Heavy Rail Network, which is one of the largest, best and most effective Metropolitan Rail Networks in the southern hemisphere and the world.

Heavy Rail expansion for Sydney is long overdue.

Sydney’s Metropolitan Heavy Rail network moves 1.2 Million people every weekday. An 8-car double deck train conveys about 1,000 people to their destination successfully.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian said the new M4 Tunnels will bypass 22 sets of traffic lights from Homebush to Haberfield and cut up to 20 minutes off a trip from Parramatta to the Sydney CBD.

“We are now just days away from drivers benefiting from the first underground section of WestConnex.” Premier Berejiklian said.

“This is yet another major project which will allow people to spend less time in traffic and more time doing what they want.”

Minister for Roads Andrew Constance said within 2 years it is expected about 67,000 trips will be made through the new M4 Tunnels each day.

“WestConnex will take up to 10,000 trucks a day off Parramatta Road, which is welcome news for anyone who sits in bumper to bumper traffic on that notoriously congested corridor.” Minister Constance said.

“I would like to thank communities for their patience throughout construction over the past 3 years.”

$3.8 Billion 5.5 km twin tunnels will be 3 lanes in each direction and extend the widened M4 from Homebush to Haberfield. It is expected to reduce the overall traffic volume on Parramatta Road by 53 % by 2021.

WestConnex project also includes the New M5, the M4-M5 Link and the Rozelle Interchange, connecting Sydney’s west and southwest via more than 30 km of continuous motorway.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian

NSW Minister for Transport and Roads Andrew Constance









Minister for Roads Andrew Constance holds the seat of Bega on the south coast of New South Wales which does not have a railway line to Bega.

Bega in peak tourist and fishing season is long overdue for a railway line for daily commuters, tourists and business commuters.

Bega is a fishing town and is very busy every year when the Sydney-Hobart Yacht race is held. Rail services to Bega would be very well patronised throughout the year.

Many years ago, Minister Andrew Constance derided the need for a railway line to Bega saying “We don’t want a railway line to Bega.”

Over many wasted years dating back to December 1982 in the Liberal Party, editor Victor P Taffa knew Minister Andrew Constance personally before he was elected to State Parliament.

Attitude by countless numbers of bureaucrats and politicians including Minister Andrew Constance with respect to heavy railway lines is arrogant, heartless, rude, selfish and snobbish to say the least.

Attitudes of Treasury Bureaucrats is the worst. They think that railways costs money and that roads makes money.

However, this is flawed and illogical thinking. Railways reduces the road death toll. Railways and Roads both makes money as both have components industries employing many people.

If nothing else, in places like Bega where people have to travel long distances that just doesn’t apply in many countries overseas is that railway lines saves lives and reduces the road death toll.

Current leadership of the NRMA (National Roads and Motorists Association) is only ever concerned with petrol price cycles. They are never concerned with ways of reducing the road death toll or that railways can save lives and reduce pressure on roads.


Sydney Double Deck Suburban Heavy Rail Train


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