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South Australia Shadow Minister for Water Mitch Williams

Why Are South Australians Being Asked To Pay For The Desalination Plant Twice?

Victor P Taffa

$125 Million intended to pay for the desalination plant has been syphoned off into Treasury.

This money has come straight out of South Australian’s pockets and gone straight into general revenue.

“This money was meant to pay for the desalination plant but instead it has been socked away in the Treasurers bank account.” Shadow Minister for Water Mitch Williams said.


“Delays in the desalination plant have meant that $125 Million was not paid to AdelaideAqua for the construction of the plant in the last year. Rather than hold this money over to pay for the work that is to be done at the plant in the coming year or returning the money to South Australian taxpayers, the Weatherill Government has pocketed the extra cash.”

“What the Government has done here is absolutely abominable. They told us they were collecting this money for the desalination plant. When the construction met delays payments of $125 Million were also delayed. Instead of carrying this money forward into the next financial year, when the delayed work will be completed and paid for, Jack Snelling grabbed the money for his failing Treasury account.” Mr. Williams said.

“South Australian households have been hit with a 25% price increase and will be billed again to raise this money.”

“Obviously this is why the Government didn’t seem all that upset about Adelaide Aqua’s delays in getting the plant built.” Mr. Williams said.

“While households are suffering Jay Weatherill and his mates are sitting back laughing with $125 Million in their pockets.”

“No wonder South Australians now realise they can no longer afford this Labor Government.” Mr. Williams said.


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