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Western Australia Minister for Fisheries Norman Moore

New Patrol Boat Extends Fisheries Reach In South-West Waters

Victor P Taffa

Fisheries Minister Norman Moore today named a new Patrol Vessel which will extend compliance capacity and provide extra Government resources off the Mandurah Coast.

Mr. Moore said the name of the $520,000 Patrol Vessel (PV) Armatus came from the scientific name for breaksea cod, one of the many popular demersal fish species targeted by recent management strategies aimed at reducing overfishing.

“PV Armatus, and the fisheries and marine officers who work from her, will play an important role in protecting breaksea cod and other vulnerable demersal species.” Mr. Moore said.

“As well as monitoring the demersal closure for recreational fishers between mid-October and mid-December, PV Armatus will perform ongoing compliance activities related to the commercial and recreational fishing sectors off the Peel Region Coast.”

The Minister said the 11.3 m Naiad is bigger than the boat it replaces and well-suited to its role in terms of both seaworthiness and crew safety.

“Boarding other vessels at sea from the PV Armatus will be easier and safer.” Mr. Moore said.

“The boat has a range of 350 nautical miles at its cruising speed of 25 knots, but capable of a top speed in excess of 40 knots when required. It can carry six people (including two crew).”

“The patrol boat will be used in joint operations with other agencies such as the local Water Police and the Department of Transport so it will not only assist with Fisheries compliance but also marine safety and other tasks.” Mr. Moore said.

Mr. Moore said PV Armatus was a major asset for the Peel Region which could see use in sea; search and rescue operations; whale entanglements; shark hazard responses; and other marine emergencies.

“However, the primary role of the PV Armatus will be to ensure Fisheries compliance officers can keep up with the fast-growing population of the Peel Region, where many fish from boats off this part of the coast on a regular basis.” the Minister said.             


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