Parks 21 Action Plan For PWS And Tourism Industry

Parks 21 Action Plan For PWS And Tourism Industry

Tasmania Minister for Environment Parks and Heritage Matthew Groom

Landmark MOU: National Parks And Tourism Industry

Victor P Taffa

The Hodgman Tasmania State Government is committed to increasing the number of tourists visiting Tasmania to 1.5 Million a year by 2020, Minister for Environment Parks and Heritage Matthew Groom said.

“One of the greatest competitive advantages Tasmania has is our natural assets – our reserves, National Parks and World Heritage Area, which collectively we believe are among the most beautiful in the world.”

“These areas should be celebrated, and they certainly should be seen. That is why the Hodgman Tasmania State Government has invited Expressions of Interest for sensible and appropriate tourist developments in our National Parks and World Heritage Areas.” Mr. Groom said.






This process has attracted 37 new and exciting proposals, from nature based experiences through to accommodation and associated tourism related infrastructure.

“Today’s signing of the landmark Parks 21 strategic action plan by the Tourism Industry Council of Tasmania and the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) is an important step in our strategy to grow tourism numbers, investment and jobs.”

“This is the first time anywhere in Australia that such a framework for the management and presentation of National Parks and Nature Reserves had been agreed to.” Mr. Groom said.

“It means tourism and visitors activities will be jointly developed by the parks management authority and the private tourism industry, as opposed to being developed in isolation, as has been the case up until now.”

“We are working hard to transform Tasmania into the environmental tourism capital of the world and Parks 21 gives the tourism industry and the Parks and Wildlife Service the tools to achieve this goal.” Mr. Groom said.

The agreement elevates the role of PWS to be a central pillar of the tourism industry in Tasmania.

Parks 21

Parks 21 lays out the guiding principles which will help facilitate sensible and appropriate tourism activity and enhance the visitor experience in parks and reserves.

Parks 21 recognises that a joint strategic approach to nature based tourism will achieve more than working independently, and identifies shared long-term priorities and action needed to achieve shared goals.

Parks 21 is about achieving an enhanced tourism experience within our parks that is both respectful of the environment as well as contributing positively to the economic opportunities of the State.

Parks 21 will also see government and industry working collaboratively and with other stakeholders on research, brand and marketing, and evaluation.

Parks 21 is yet another way in which industry and government are working together to achieve good outcomes for the environment and good outcomes for Tasmania.

“We all share a goal of making Tasmania the environmental tourism capital of the world. Equally, we all share a goal of protecting and preserving our extraordinary natural assets for future generations.” Mr. Groom said.