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Northern Territory Minister for Housing Peter Chandler

Mills Government Committed To Easing Housing Crisis

Victor P Taffa

Housing Minister, Peter Chandler, today welcomed the completion of the Parap Road residential housing project in Darwin.

The 100 unit Village@Parapdevelopment was opened by Federal Housing Minister, Brendan O’Connor, this afternoon.

The project is a mix of affordable rentals, home ownership and public housing for seniors.

The development is on the site of the old Wirrina flats.

“This mix provides a diversity of housing and targets people who have found it difficult to find a home.” Mr. Chandler said.

“The Territory’s housing crisis has hit Territory families and workers over recent years, with many choosing to look interstate because of the high rents and unaffordable homes and apartments.”

“Yesterday’s Bureau of Statistics figures show that in the March quarter, 565 more people moved interstate than migrated here and, since December 2009, 4,758 more people left the Territory.” Mr. Chandler said.

“The Country Liberals Government is committed to building 2,000 new industry and affordable homes in our first term to bring homes to young families, nurses, teachers, apprentices and others who have been shut out of the market.”

“The Mills Government’s Real Housing for Growth initiative will include subsidised rentals, private development with investment backed by Government head leases, and allocation of government land for housing.”

“Our program will boost the number of homes being built and leave room for private developers to remain involved in the market.” Mr. Chandler said.


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