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Northern Territory Minister for Territory Families Dale Wakefield

Palmerston Youth Drop-In Centre Location

Victor P Taffa

Northern Territory Government has partnered with the City of Palmerston to establish a youth drop-in centre for young people in Palmerston.

“Territory Government is creating safer communities by investing in youth services that will reduce youth crime and anti-social behaviour.” Minister for Territory Families Dale Wakefield said.

Palmerston Youth Drop-In Centre is an initiative under the Palmerston Youth Action Plan and the Territory Government’s Breaking the Cycle of Crime in Palmerston plan.

Palmerston Youth Drop-In Centre will be located at the City of Palmerston’s Swimming and Fitness Centre at 31 Tilston Avenue, Moulden. Significant upgrades to the centre will be funded by the Territory Government, which will be investing $3.53 Million in funding over 3 years to provide this service.

“Territory Government is investing in the people of Palmerston. The Palmerston Youth Drop-In Centre will engage young people in structured activities and keep them off the streets at night. This will have a positive impact on surrounding businesses.” Member for Drysdale Eva Lawler said.

Centre will be fully supervised and include security and monitoring systems to ensure the safety of young people, staff members, the community, and businesses.

“New Palmerston Youth Drop-In Centre will benefit everyone in Palmerston, but especially the young people.” Member for Brennan Tony Sievers said.

Palmerston Youth Drop-In Centre will:

  • Operate between 3 pm-10 pm Monday to Friday and from 10 am-10 pm on weekends and throughout the school holidays. Government is working with Larrakia Nation Youth Patrol to ensure that once the centre opens, young people will be able to get to a safe place after the centre closes each night
  • Be a safe space for children and young people to access appropriate support services
  • Provide youth engagement activities and supervision
  • Ensure partnerships with local Aboriginal organisations and youth support services are established and maintained and provide a service for young people that is culturally safe
  • Respond to young people with a focus on developing positive behaviours, social skills and living skills through organised activities at the centre
  • Engage with young people, their families and support networks to address concerns and build their capacity to deal with everyday issues
  • Work with a range of education providers and stakeholders to support young people to re-engage with education and provide information for young people to assist them to access services and support

“Council is focused on supporting the community’s need for a dedicated space for young people, which offers sanctuary and promotes belonging, as outlined in our Community Plan.” Mayor of Palmerston Athina Pascoe-Bell said.

A grant process will be undertaken to engage service providers to operate and manage the Palmerston Youth Drop-In Centre.

A tender process has been released today to complete the infrastructure works and fit-out of the centre, which is expected to open mid-2020.


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