Palaszczuk Govt Supports Jobs Of 8,000 Queensland Strawberry Industry Workers

Palaszczuk Govt Supports Jobs Of 8,000 Queensland Strawberry Industry Workers

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk

Palaszczuk Government Supports Queensland Strawberry Industry

Victor P Taffa

Palaszczuk Government has thrown its support being local strawberry growers with the launch of Queensland’s summer strawberry season at Applethorpe.


Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said Queensland strawberries were grown from October to May in the Granite Belt/Stanthorpe region, supporting more than 8,000 jobs.

“Queensland strawberry growers produce up to 30,000 tonnes each season.” Premier Palaszczuk said.

“That’s 60 Million punnets of fruit per season which is about 40 % of Australia’s annual strawberry production.”

“They’re sweet, delicious and nutritious summer strawberries are perfect for many uses during summer like fruit salads, a topping on breakfast cereals, in cakes, as a tasty snack and even as a garnish for drinks.”

“This campaign is about supporting the strawberry industry and I urge all Queenslanders to do just that support the Queensland strawberry industry and buy Queensland strawberries.” Premier Palaszczuk said.

Agriculture Minister Mark Furner said the Palaszczuk Government had partnered with the Queensland Strawberry Growers Association (QSGA) to help restore consumer confidence in Queensland strawberries, assisting the industry to recover from recent contamination incidents.

“In September, the Premier announced $1 Million in funding to boost the strawberry industry and help farmers.” Minister Furner said.

“Since that announcement, the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) has worked with the QSGA and Growcom, through a Back to Market Working Group, to determine the best way forward.”

“Already, $600,000 has been allocated to restore consumer confidence in strawberries through a targeted campaign, $250,000 has been allocated for safeguarding supply chain integrity and $150,000 has been allocated for the QSGA and Growcom to assist growers with the ongoing response and recovery.”

“Growcom, in partnership with QSGA, has also engaged a full-time strawberry industry recovery officer to assist growers and the broader Queensland strawberry industry supply chains.”

Minister Furner said Queensland’s strawberries were not only sweet-tasting, they also made a sweet contribution to the state’s economy.

“Value of Queensland strawberries for 2017–18 is forecast to be $160 Million with industry reporting its value is trending upwards of $200 Million or about 40 % of the national $500 Million strawberry industry.” Minister Furner said.

QLD Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk








Queensland Strawberry Industry

There are approximately 150 strawberry growers in Queensland, with most production around:

  • Beerwah,
  • Bundaberg,
  • Caboolture,
  • Dayboro,
  • Elimbah,
  • Stanthorpe/Granite area,
  • Wamuran.

Queensland growers produce 6-15,000 tonnes of fruit per season, up to 60 Million punnets of strawberries.

Value of Queensland strawberries for 2017–18 is forecast to be $160 Million.