Out Of Touch With Reality

Out Of Touch With Reality

Victoria Shadow Minister for Scrutiny of Government David Davis

John Brumby Out Of Touch With Labor’s Cost Of Living Pressures

Victor P Taffa

Premier John Brumby is responsible for soaring costs of living with massive increases in water and electricity bills impacting on families and small business Shadow Minister for Scrutiny of Government David Davis said today.

“Labor is out of touch with the impact of its massive blowouts on the cost of living for families.”

“It’s arrogant of John Brumby and Labor’s Treasurer John Lenders to suggest they cannot control the cost of living when Labor is directly responsible for massive water and electricity hikes, billion-dollar blowouts on projects such as myki, the desalination plant and smart meters, as well as soaring state fees and charges, and 26 new and extended taxes over the last 11 years.” Mr. Davis said.



“John Brumby’s incompetence is forcing families to stretch their budgets further.” Mr. Davis said.

“Increasing the direct costs of business by doubling water bills and forcing electricity prices up with the scandalous smart meter blowout puts more pressure on families at the counter.”

“Victoria’s Labor Government is directly responsible for rising costs to suppliers, transport companies, supermarkets and other grocery stores but John Brumby and Labor accepts responsibility for nothing.”

“The Victorian Liberal Nationals Coalition will build a stronger, fairer and safer Victoria and alleviate the ever-increasing costs being forced upon families and businesses by a lazy and out-of-touch Labor Government.” Mr. Davis said.