Our Unsung Heroes

Our Unsung Heroes

Queensland Opposition Leader John-Paul Langbroek

Queensland Shadow Minister for Police & Emergency Services Glen Elmes

SES Volunteers Owed Huge Debt Of Gratitude

Victor P Taffa

Queensland owed a huge debt of gratitude to the selfless volunteers of the State Emergency Service, the LNP said today.

Liberal National Party Leader John-Paul Langbroek said communities impacted by recent natural disasters may have fared much worse without the sterling support provided by the unpaid SES volunteers.

“Queenslanders should never forget that SES volunteers give their time unpaid to train to prepare for disasters such as these.” Mr. Langbroek said.


“Then when the moment arrives they give their all to assist their communities for no reward other than the satisfaction of being able to help their fellow Queenslanders.”

“Nor should we ever forget that as they do so, their own properties and loved ones may be as much at risk as those they are helping.” Mr. Langbroek said.

“Yet they give all and risk all and many communities have come through these recent events with a better outcome than they could have expected without the support of the SES.”

“Queenslanders owe them a huge debt of gratitude, as they do the professional members of the Police and Emergency Services.” Mr. Langbroek said.

QLD Shadow Minister for Police & Emergency Services Glen Elmes

QLD Shadow Minister for Police & Emergency Services Glen Elmes










Shadow Minister for Police and Emergency Services Glen Elmes said some SES Volunteers had paid an extraordinary price to serve their communities.

“Despite suffering personal tragedies, some SES volunteers continued to assist others in need.” Mr. Elmes said.

“Along with the Police and Emergency Services, the SES volunteers have provided a splendid example of Community Service.”

“I have nothing but praise for their selfless courage.” Mr. Elmes said.