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Northern Territory Shadow Minister for Central Australia Matt Conlan

No Action On Plan

Victor P Taffa

Reports that youth lawlessness plagues the Streets of Alice Springs is not news to a community under siege Shadow Minister for Central Australia Matt Conlan said today.

“Stories of organised gangs targeting homes and business for keys, cash and cars are a disturbing development.” Mr. Conlan said


“Kids on the streets up to no good and violence and anti-social behaviour unabated highlight a crisis for our town.”

“The Labor Governments’ Youth Action Plan is a failure, and too many Alice Springs youth are out of control.”

“At the recent by-election the Country Liberals affirmed our commitment to real action on youth crime and getting tough on anti-social behaviour by including 20 more front line Police and real time monitoring of CCTV’s in our plans.” Mr. Conlan said.

“It’s time that a real boot camp for young offenders was established in the Alice and that a Prison Farm was a part of the corrections system, an approach to break the back of the cycle of crime.”

“The residents of Alice Springs want thugs, thieves and vandals off their streets.”

“The Henderson Government needs to take action to make that happen.” Mr. Conlan said.


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