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Tasmania Shadow Minister for Local Government Rene Hidding

Optional Compulsory Voting Is All About Tas Labor’s Political Survival

Victor P Taffa

With Labor on the nose in both State and Federal arenas, Bryan Green’s call for opt-in compulsory elections for local government in Tasmania is all about Labor’s political survival, Shadow Minister for Local Government Rene Hidding said.

“Local Government in most Australian jurisdictions is dominated by local Labor Party machines, with heavy involvement by faceless factions and unions.”

“Tasmania’s local government system has up until now remained free of the nasty face of party politics and the peak body LGAT consistently votes to keep it that way.” Mr. Hidding said.

“Labor regularly threatens to introduce the very expensive methodology of compulsory voting, regardless of the majority wishes of the local government sector, because they think it will advantage them politically.”


“This policy outburst by Minister Green shows what a vacuum Labor operates in .Voluntary compulsion is nonsense by definition and simply reveals that there is base politics at play here.” Mr. Hidding said.


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