Opportunities In Construction Industry Improve

Opportunities In Construction Industry Improve

Western Australia Minister for Training & Workforce Development Peter Collier

New Centre To Boost Mid-West Training Opportunities In Building Industry

Victor P Taffa

A Purpose-Built Facility developed by the Master Builders Association of Western Australia is set to add a new dimension to the construction industry in the Mid-West.

Opening the building display and training centre in Geraldton today, Training and Workforce Development Minister Peter Collier said the centre would help boost the skilled labour force to meet the region’s industry needs.

“The centre will play an important role in providing Geraldton and Mid-West builders and building workers with access to relevant and high quality training in a first-class facility.” Mr. Collier said.

“Training courses will help ensure construction workers have the necessary technical, safety and sustainability knowledge to deliver world-class buildings in this Region.”

Courses will focus on assisting tradespeople to become registered builders; project and contract management; energy efficiency and sustainability; and workplace first aid and safety awareness.

The Minister said the importance of skilling current and future regional tradespeople in the building and construction industry could not be emphasised enough.

“With an unprecedented level of resource projects planned and under way in the State over the next decade, the need to develop a skilled workforce and vibrant regional communities is now more important than ever.” Mr. Collier said.

“Organisations like the Master Builders Association are critical to helping the State build, attract and retain a skilled workforce while also expanding our Regional Centres.”

Complementing the training facility is a new display area, comprising about 40 exhibitors in a purpose-built site and enabling customers to make their construction choices locally.

“The building display centre will offer exhibitors the chance to showcase their products and services to the local community and building industry businesses.” Mr. Collier said.