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Traffic Services Branch

Assistant Commissioner John Hartley

Police out in force from midnight to keep roads safe – Operation Safe Arrival

Police will be out in force on NSW roads from midnight tonight to ensure holidaymakers arrive at their destination safely this festive season.

The annual Christmas/New Year traffic enforcement campaign, ‘Operation Safe Arrival’, kicks off at midnight and runs until 2359 hrs on Sunday 3 January 2010

Double demerit points will be in effect for all speeding and seatbelt offences from next Wednesday (23 December) until the end of the operation.

  • The 2009 road toll currently stands at 442 – 85 more than the same period last year.

Traffic Services Commander, Assistant Commissioner John Hartley, said Police are determined to stop the road toll rising further.

“442 people have already lost their lives in road crashes this year which is devastating.” Assistant Commissioner Hartley said.

“That’s 442 seats that will be empty at dinner tables this Christmas Day which is undoubtedly heartbreaking for their families and friends.”

Extra Police will be deployed on the state’s roads for the operation, while misbehaving motorists will also be targeted from the sky this year.

Police will use a fixed-wing plane to target speeding, fatigue and other dangerous driving offences. The Cessna 206H Stationair will be manned by trained traffic Police.

“I’d appeal to motorists hitting the roads this holiday period to think about what they’re doing behind the wheel.” Assistant Commissioner Hartley said.

“One stupid act could kill you, a passenger or an innocent road user turning what should be a happy and joyous time into a Christmas tragedy.”


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