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Assistant Commissioner John Hartley

Traffic Service Branch


The NSW road toll now stands at 12 after the death of a woman in a collision on the New England Highway near Armidale today.

About midday Police and emergency services were called to the New England Highway near the intersection of Uralla Road at Armidale after reports of a two car collision.

Inquiries into the cause of the collision continue however it appears a north bound sedan and a south bound four-wheel drive towing a caravan collided. As a result the driver of the sedan, an elderly woman died at the scene

“After almost 45 hours fatality free we have now had two deaths on the state’s roads within 16 hours.” Assistant Commissioner John Hartley, Commander Traffic Services said.

“I’m appealing to people, slow down, drive to the conditions, and get to your destination safely. Saving yourself a few minutes on the road by speeding is not worth it if you are involved in a car crash and someone dies as a result.”

“The road toll is high enough, we don’t want any more lives lost.” Assistant Commissioner Hartley said.

On day 5 of OPERATION SAFE ARRIVAL (Tuesday 22 December) Police conducted:

  • 28,937 breath tests.
  • Charged 75 people with drink driving offences.
  • 1,079 people were charged with speeding offences.

“Motorists should remember – just because you can’t see us, doesn’t mean we can’t see you. My officers are out in force, in marked and unmarked cars.”

“Just remember – you never know who’s in the car behind you watching. If you break the law, Police will catch you and you will be held accountable.” Assistant Commissioner John Hartley said.

Motorists are reminded that double demerit points for speeding and seatbelt offences are now in force until Saturday 3 January.

OPERATION SAFE ARRIVAL concludes at 2359 hrs on Saturday 3 January 2010.


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