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Assistant Commissioner Frank Mennilli

Police Presence Ensures A Safe And Happy New Year’s Eve Across Sydney

Police conducted this year’s New Year’s Eve security operation under the banner of OPERATION REALM with in excess of 2,500 Police deployed across the metropolitan area.

The aim of the operation was to ensure that all visitors and locals to the city celebrated New Year’s Eve safely with family and friends.

The Police Commander for this year’s operation, Assistant Commissioner Frank Mennilli, praised the vast majority of revellers for their good behaviour.

“I believe that the estimated crowd of 1 Million people that came into the city to enjoy the celebrations during the evening and the comparatively low number of arrests, demonstrates that people just want to have a good time safely and responsibly.” Assistant Commissioner Mennilli said.

“The Policing operation has been a success with only a small minority of people breaking the law, drinking too much and just generally acting irresponsibly.”

“It is one of the busiest nights of the year for police, who committed large numbers of officers to this event, in an effort to reduce the incidents of anti-social behaviour, especially alcohol related crime and violence.”

“However, time and time again, alcohol seems to be the main contributing factor in people’s behaviour, which resulted in a number of people being arrested or treated by ambulance.” Assistant Commissioner Mennilli said.

Throughout the evening Police arrested 130 people with a total of 117 charges. Final figures for the operation are still being compiled.

Charges have been laid for offences include:

  • Possess prohibited drugs,
  • Assault,
  • Offensive conduct,
  • Resist arrest
  • Drink driving.

The drugs seized by Police included:

  • Cannabis
  • Amphetamines.

OPERATION REALM comprised of:

  • General Duties Police,
  • Highway Patrol,
  • Public Order & Riot Squad,
  • Mounted Police,
  • Police Aviation,
  • Dog Squad,
  • Water Police,
  • Commuter Crime officers.

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