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Street Signs Are There For A Reason

South West Metropolitan Command

Final ‘Operation Obedience’ For 2009 To Target Blackspots And Pedestrians Again

Drivers and pedestrians who disobey traffic lights and signs will again be specifically targeted on Tuesday, 8th December 2009.

Operation OBEDIENCE, a traffic enforcement operation involving Highway Patrol Police from the South West Metropolitan Region will again strategically target the top five ‘black-spot’ intersections in each Local Area Command within South West Metropolitan Region.

“It’s the last Operation OBEDIENCE for 2009 and we intend to finish the year on a positive note.” South West Metropolitan Region Commander, Assistant Commissioner Stuart Wilkins said.

“In November we saw a very positive result with a significant reduction in the number of crashes across the South West Metropolitan Region.” Assistant Commissioner Wilkins said.

“I expect we may still detect hundreds of drivers and pedestrians committing offences in and around these black spots. Hopefully by releasing the date of the operation early people’s behaviour might change.” Assistant Commissioner Wilkins said.

“Our objective in Operation OBEDIENCE is quite simple, to reduce the incidence of road trauma at or very near to intersections. If we tell the community of the South West the date when there will be increased enforcement around intersections they might obey the road rules and survive.” Traffic Coordinator, Senior Sergeant Kane said.

“Drivers who ignore lights and signs, and pedestrians who disobey signals or who randomly cross roadways in the near vicinity to intersections where traffic lights provide pedestrian safety will be targeted on the 8th December 2009,” said Senior Sergeant Kane.


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