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Victoria Shadow Minister for Planning Matthew Guy

Madden’s Planned UGB Backflip

Victor P Taffa

“This is an all or nothing document and if the opposition doesn’t want to accept it in its entirety…basically that stymies housing development and growth in this state…” Justin Madden, ABC radio, 24 June 2010.

According to Victoria Shadow Minister for Planning Matthew Guy the Planning Minister’s arrogant claim last month that his VC67 plan was an ‘all or nothing document’ appears to be as dubious as his statement that the UGB would ‘never again move in my lifetime’ with the Brumby Government flagging support for the Opposition’s request to remove amendments relating to high density dwellings along all transport corridors.

The Minister’s announcement was part of a 30-minute speech to sections of the planning industry where he repeatedly attacked the Victorian Liberal Nationals Coalition regarding planning issues despite claiming that he wanted to ‘take the politics out of planning’.

“Clearly you can’t believe anything the Planning Minister says.” Mr. Guy said.

“When Planning Minister Justin Madden said he would zone residents out of the UGB he didn’t; when he said the UGB would never move again he flip-flopped and then said it would; when he said there was no GAIC ‘plan B’ there was; and when he said that VC67 was all or nothing, it obviously was not.” Mr. Guy said.

“This government is incompetent, out of ideas and out of touch after a decade of Planning Policy Failures.”

“Justin Madden has made it clear that Labor will still try to force through the mandating of high-density, high-rise towers upon every street or road with a bus or tram route in Melbourne even if these provisions are removed from VC67.” Mr. Guy said.

“This shows that the arrogant Premier and his incompetent Planning Minister still refuse to listen to the community or recognise the anger over a one-size-fits-all approach to planning.”

“It is the same kind of Labor policy arrogance that led to the sham consultation and the Windsor Hotel redevelopment fiasco.”

“The Brumby Government still does not understand the importance of factoring in logical inclusions to the Urban Growth Boundary to optimise our existing infrastructure.” Mr. Guy said.

The same Planning Policies that the Brumby Government has in relation to development along existing transport corridors is the same flawed Policy that successive New South Wales Government’s continue to abide by.

Railway and Tramway expansion must occur and when it does development flows as history has shown.


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