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Assistant Commissioner John Hartley

Traffic Services Commander

Woman Dies In Two Car Collision – OPERATION SAFE RETURN 2010

One person has been killed near Orange in the State’s Mid-West during the first few hours of the annual Australia Day long weekend road safety campaign.

OPERATION SAFE RETURN commenced at 00.01 hrs on today (Saturday 23 January 2010) and will conclude at 23.59 hrs on Tuesday (26 January 2010).

  • About 4.55 am today, two vehicles collided on the Mitchell Highway near the Blayney turn-off about 25 kilometres east of Orange. One driver, a female believed to be aged in her 30’s, died at the scene, while the second driver, a male also believed to be aged in his 30’s, sustained serious injury. Investigations are underway into the circumstances surrounding the collision and a report will be prepared for the Coroner.
  • In a separate incident, Police attached to Canobolas Highway Patrol had earlier detected a vehicle travelling on the Mitchell Highway at 110 kilometres per hour OVER the sign-posted speed limit. About 12.01 am today, a red Holden Commodore was being driven by a 26-year-old Cambridge Park man on the Mitchell Highway near Three Rivers Road at Larras Lee, west of Orange, when the vehicle was allegedly detected travelling at 210 km/h in a 100 km/h zone. The vehicle was stopped and the driver charged with drive at speed dangerous, exceed speed over 45 km/h, and a vehicle defect was issued for bald rear tyres down to steel belt. At the time of the alleged incident, the man was driving his new girlfriend to her parent’s place at Wellington. Police suspended the man’s licence and he will appear in Orange Local Court on 16 February 2010.
  • About 11.55 pm yesterday (Friday 22 January 2010), a 40-year-old man was driving along Goobarabah Avenue at Lake Haven on the state’s Central Coast when he was stopped for a random breath test. The Lake Haven man was arrested after allegedly returning a positive reading of 0.290, which is nearly six times over the legal limit. He was taken to The Entrance Police Station where he was charged with high range PCA and had his licence suspended. The man will appear in Wyong Local Court on 24 February 2010.

NSW Police Traffic Services Commander, Assistant Commissioner John Hartley, says the stupidity of drink-driving and speeding won’t be tolerated.

“I’m amazed that drivers are still engaging in blatantly irresponsible behaviour, especially when they know they will get caught.” Asst. Comm. Hartley said.

“To drink-drive and be nearly six times over the limit is not only stupid, it is dangerous, and could have easily ended up with the driver being involved in a crash which resulted in his death or the deaths of others.”

“Speeding is also stupid and dangerous, but even more so when it is done by a younger driver and on a country road.”

“At 110 km/h over the sign-posted limit, the chances of losing control of the vehicle are greatly increased.”

“In this case, the driver is lucky that Police stopped him when they did and before his irresponsible actions resulted in his death or that of his girlfriend.”

“The message is clear Police are out in force detecting irresponsible drivers and you will be caught.”

“Be responsible – don’t wreck someone’s life, or your own during the Australia Day holiday period.”

Safe driving and travelling tips include:

  • Obey speed limits and drive to the road conditions’,
  • If you are going to drink, leave your keys at home and organise a ride,
  • Don’t tailgate, especially in wet or rainy conditions leave a safe distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front,
  • Don’t talk or text on a mobile phone whilst driving,
  • Wear your seat-belt and ensure everyone else in the vehicle is also ‘buckled up’,
  • If you are stuck in holiday traffic, remain patient,
  • Don’t try to make up for lost time by exceeding the speed limit it’s better to arrive at your destination late, rather than not at all,
  • Make sure you are well-rested before commencing your road trip,
  • At the first sign of fatigue, pull over (where safe and legal) and have a break,
  • Look out for driver-reviver stations and take advantage of their facilities.

Double demerit points will apply to all speed, occupant restraint and helmet offences detected between 00.01 hrs yesterday (Friday 22 January 2010) and 23.59 hrs on Tuesday (26 January 2010).


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