On Time Running Improves

On Time Running Improves

Victoria Minister for Public Transport Terry Mulder

Melbourne’s Train Punctuality Markedly Improves On 12 Rail Lines

Victor P Taffa

Minister for Public Transport Terry Mulder said today that while it remained early days following Melbourne rail operator Metro’s 8 May 2011 introduction of a new train timetable, June 2011’s dramatic improvement in metropolitan train punctuality compared with the same month a year ago was heartening.

“The Coalition Government and Metro have more work ahead to consistently improve Melbourne’s trains for commuters making 740,000 weekday trips, but the trend has moved in the right direction since April 2011.” Mr. Mulder said.

Mr. Mulder said that in June 2011, 12 of Metro’s 16 lines had more punctual trains than a year ago in June 2010 despite overall passenger numbers continuing to rise at about 8% a year.



“The Coalition Government is particularly pleased that trains are operating more punctually to Melbourne’s growth areas southeast and west of the CBD. Overall on Melbourne’s rail network, 88.2 % of trains were officially on time in June 2011 compared with 82.2 % in May 2011, 76.2 % in April 2011 and 82.9 % in June 2010. This is a marked 12 % improvement in the last two months.” Mr. Mulder said.

“In June 2011, train punctuality on the Frankston line rose to 87.2 % of trains arriving at their destination officially on time compared with 65.5 % in June 2010, a 21.7 % increase.

“On Melbourne’s longest suburban rail line to Pakenham, there was a 17.6% rise in train punctuality to 85.4 %. On the Cranbourne line, trains that met their timekeeping target increased to 87.2 % in June 2011 compared with 76.8 % in June 2010. The shorter Sandringham line’s train punctuality rose from 88.2 % in June 2010 to 94 % in June 2011. Metro’s only line operated by diesel railcars, the Frankston to Hastings and Stony Point improved by 7 % to 96.9 % train punctuality in June 2011.”

Mr Mulder said that trains were also more punctual on the Werribee line (including the Altona Loop), up markedly by 15.6 % to 88.2 % while the Craigieburn line rose by 3.7 % to 87.6 % the Sydenham line by 2.2 % to 87.7 % and the Williamstown line by 3 % to 92.2 %.

“The Glen Waverley line to Melbourne’s east improved by 0.7 % to 92.6 % the second best performance of any line after Stony Point. While neither the Hurstbridge or Epping lines’ timetables changed in May 2011, they both improved with train punctuality rising respectively by 5.2 % to 86.8 % and by 0.9 % to 89.8 % in June 2011.”

Mr. Mulder said that while the Belgrave, Lilydale and Upfield lines showed improved punctuality in June 2011 compared with May and April 2011, they were marginally below their timekeeping of June 2010 with 83.6 % 85.4 and 86.6 % of trains officially on time in June 2011.

“On the Alamein line, 87.3 % of trains were officially on time in June 2011, a 1.5 % rise compared with April 2011, but below the punctuality of June 2010. More work remains to be done.” Mr. Mulder said.