Old Hospital Website Now Joined With New Hospital Website

Old Hospital Website Now Joined With New Hospital Website

Western Australia Minister for Health Kim Hames

Hospital Information At The Click Of A Mouse

Victor P Taffa

Health Minister Kim Hames has welcomed an agreement with the Federal Government that will allow West Australians to access a range of National Hospital-related information with a Click of a Mouse.

Dr. Hames said the decision to sign up to the Federal Government’s ‘MyHospitals’ website was another example of WA’s Development of an Open and Accountable Health System.

“This State is leading the way in Hospital Transparency.” the Minister said.

“Since 2009, West Australians have enjoyed access to up-to-date information on the performance of the State’s hospitals through the ‘WA Public Hospital Activity’ website.”

“To ensure consistency with other States and Territories, WA will now also provide its 2009-10 data for the ‘MyHospitals’ website.”

The Minister said visitors to the ‘MyHospitals’ website will also be able to follow a link to the WA Health website to view the most up-to-date information about WA’s Public Hospitals.

“The ‘MyHospitals’ website will provide comparable and user-friendly information about Australian Public Hospitals and some Private Hospitals.” the Minister said.

“It will contain data on the performance of Public Hospitals in Emergency Departments and Elective Surgery Waiting Times, as well as list the types of services available at a range of Hospitals across Australia.”

“For the first time, West Australians will be able to see how their Hospitals’ Services and Performance Compares with Hospitals across Australia.” Dr. Hames said.

Dr. Hames said WA had an outstanding record of Openness and Accountability.

“As well as the WA ‘Public Hospital Activity’ website, West Australians can also find out about the state of their Hospitals through a number of regularly updated Department of Health Publications.” the Minister said.

“These include the WA Health Performance Report, Outpatient Monthly and Quarterly Activity Report, and the Western Australian Elective Surgery Wait List Report.”

The Minister said while WA had agreed to support the ‘MyHospitals’ website, the State’s Participation was still conditional on the resolution of issues surrounding definitions and data content.

The ‘MyHospitals’ website is due to be launched in December 2010.