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Tasmania Shadow Minister for Health Jeremy Rockliff

O’Byrne’s Desperate Health Hoax

Victor P Taffa

Tasmanians know that Michelle O’Byrne has no credibility as Health Minister, according to Shadow Minister for Health Jeremy Rockliff.

“The Health Minister is double-counting in a desperate bid to distract attention from even more cuts to health.”

“A hospital bed doesn’t cost a cent if it remains empty and locked away in storage, as is the Minister’s preference.” Mr. Rockliff said.

“The Liberals’ commitment of $76 Million will provide funding for the staff needed to open 40 beds this Minister closed.”

“Without those additional staff, the beds can’t reopen and elective surgery won’t proceed.” Mr. Rockliff said.

The Minister has more questions to answer about her own budget for health:

  • How many hospital beds is the Labor-Green Government reopening? NONE
  • How much extra money for elective surgery is the Labor-Green Government providing? NONE
  • How many nurses did Minister O’Byrne sack in the first nine months of 2011-12? NEARLY 300
  • How many more nurses is the Labor-Green experiment going to employ? NONE
  • How much extra health money is in the Labor-Green Budget? NONE, JUST MORE CUTS.

“The Minister should also explain how her hospitals, which are already in crisis and gridlocked, will cope during winter with even more budget cuts.” Mr. Rockliff said.

Yes Minister was a television series based on a fictitious British Cabinet Minister who would do the bidding of the Public Service without ever realising it. In reality the television series is very close to the truth in Great Britain or Australia.  In one famous episode the Minister was shocked to discover that there were no patients in a new hospital. Yes Prime Minister succeeded Yes Minister. Both television series were highly popular.   


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