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Western Australia Minister for Transport Simon O’Brien

State Funding To Local Roads Up More Than $12 Million

Victor P Taffa

Transport Minister Simon O’Brien said the State Government was continuing its support for the upgrading of Local Roads in Western Australia, with the formal approval of $135.794 Million in State Funds for Local Roads.

“The State’s allocation for 2010-11 is more than $12 Million above the 2009-10 allocation.” Mr. O’Brien said.

“It includes $2.5 Million for improvements to Great Southern and South-West Roads carrying plantation timber, and roads used for carting agricultural lime and grain in the Wheatbelt.”

The 2010-11 Local Road Program has been endorsed by the State and Local Government under the State Road Funds to Local Government Advisory Committee.


WA’s Local Roads Program provides funding to several important areas:

  •  DIRECT GRANTS ($14.452 Million) – for council road preservation or capital works at local government’s discretion;
  • ROAD PROJECT GRANTS ($63.568 Million) – for specific road improvements, the provision of new roads and for major preservation works such as resealing to maintain the road asset (includes $2.5 Million TIRES, Aglime and Grain Cartage funding);
  • TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT AND ROAD SAFETY ($27.904 Million) – for the installation and maintenance of road signage, pavement markings, traffic signals, level crossing maintenance and other road safety initiatives;
  • STATE INITIATIVES ON LOCAL ROADS ($20.369 Million) – supporting local road projects that provide a wider community benefit;
  • BRIDGES ($3.293 Million) – for improvements to and maintenance of bridges on local roads;
  • ABORIGINAL COMMUNITY ACCESS ($1.496 Million) – for maintaining access roads serving Aboriginal communities;
  • NATIONAL PARKS AND STATE FORESTS ($1.256 Million) – for development and maintenance of CALM roads and roads on Rottnest Island and in Kings Park;
  • STRATEGIC AND TECHNICAL ($3.456 Million) – administrative and technical support to Regional Road Groups, Western Australian Local Government Association operations and other support requirements.

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