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Australian Bureau Of Statistics

Students Near 4 Million As Female Teachers Outnumber Males

Victor P Taffa

Number of school students in Australia increased by 1.4 % in 2019, reaching almost 4 Million enrolments (3,948,811), according to a report released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

“Australian Capital Territory had the largest increase in enrolments at 2 %.” ABS Program Manager for Education and Training Statistics Michelle Ducat said.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander school student enrolments increased by 8,695 students (3.9 %) from the previous year. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students make up 5.8 % of all school students.

In 2019, there were 288,294 full-time equivalent teaching staff across Australian primary and secondary schools, of which 206,838 (71.7 %) were females and 81,456 (28.3 %) were males. In comparison, 50 years ago 58.7 % of teachers were female and 41.3 % were male.

“Whilst over time the number of teachers has increased overall, the number of female teachers has increased at a greater pace than male teachers. In 1969, there were 1.4 female teachers for every male teacher. 50 years on that figure has increased to 2.5 female teachers for every male teacher.”

“Male teachers are more likely to work in secondary schools, where they comprise 39.2% of the total teachers, compared with primary schools where male teachers comprise 18.1% of total teachers.” Ms. Ducat said.


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