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Growth In Job Vacancies Eases During August

Victor P Taffa

Number of job vacancies in Australia in August 2018 was 240,900, an increase of 3.4 % over the quarter, according to Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) figures.

“We’re still seeing growth in the quarterly trend measure of job vacancies but at a much slower rate. It’s down on the recent growth in May and also below last August, when it was 4.6 %.” ABS Chief Economist Bruce Hockman said.


Over the year, job vacancies increased by 19.3 %, with private sector vacancies increasing by 20.3 % and public sector vacancies by 9.5 %.

Seasonally adjusted number of job vacancies increased by 0.6 % in the quarter to August 2018.

In original series terms, Victoria was the state or territory that contributed the most to this growth over the year, with administration and support services, and professional, scientific and technical services the leading industries.

“Number of unemployed persons per job vacancy (trend) decreased further in August, implying that job vacancies are increasing at a faster rate than the available spare capacity.” Mr. Hockman said.

“This is consistent with other indicators in the labour market that are suggesting vacancies are becoming harder to fill.”


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