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New South Wales (NSW) Labor’s Campaign Against Victor P Taffa Continues

Victor P Taffa

The war of attrition from the New South Wales Labor Party against Victor P Taffa continues unabated. This campaign extends to obtaining full time employment, maintaining casual employment, any involvement with Public Administration and even enjoyment at Sydney Hotels. It would seem that this campaign has gone on since first joining the NSW Liberal Party in 1982.

Sydney City Council:

On 30 January 2013 which coincided with Prime Minister Gillard’s announcement of a 14 September 2013 Federal Election a staff member of Sydney City Council asked Victor P Taffa leading questions about his sexuality in a most embarrassing way to Victor P Taffa. The questioning was directed to Victor P Taffa and no one else in front of many other staff members of Sydney City Council.

These questions asked Victor P Taffa to come for a drink at a nearby Club and whether or not he was a horse’s hoof (A Poof). This matter has been referred to Sydney City Council. Should Sydney City Council’s investigation remain inconclusive to Victor P Taffa then this matter will be referred to the Anti-Discrimination Board. This staff member deserves the sack for the actions that he took against Victor P Taffa.

It may seem an innocent incident however the tactics of Victor P Taffa’s sexuality was Labor’s campaign tactic against him in the 1999 and 2004 Ryde Local Government Elections and 2008 Ryde State By-Election. Similar incidents occurred during the time when Victor P Taffa attempted to join the NSW Police and at a Sydney Park nearly 30 years ago.

Simply put Victor P Taffa has political opinions that some people in the NSW Labor Party do not like and that Victor P Taffa is not afraid of expressing those views. The fact is that Victor P Taffa does not agree with everything the Liberal Party says. Furthermore Victor P Taffa can have a face to face discussion with any member or supporter of the Labor Party about politics and respect their opinion.

When the former NSW Labor Government sought to SACK all train drivers and guards in 2009 Victor P Taffa stood up for the continued employment of train drivers and guards.

It would seem that all NSW Labor is concerned about is that Victor P Taffa will be a candidate at the Federal Election in 2013. Victor P Taffa wishes Federal Member for Bennelong John Alexander and Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott all the best in the upcoming Federal Elections on 14 September 2013.

Camelia Grove Hotel:

While working with another staff member of Sydney City Council this staff member remarked how he knew the licensee of the Camelia Grove Hotel in Alexandria, Sydney. Victor P Taffa remarked how he knew of the same person as he went there as a member of the Richmond Tigers Sydney Supporters Club. Attempts by people at the Hotel to make life difficult for Victor P Taffa have occurred in recent months. Victor P Taffa made in recent months made an innocent remark to the licensee about patronising The Ranch Hotel.   

The Ranch Hotel:

Victor P Taffa has for many years patronised The Ranch Hotel in Marsfield, Sydney which is nearby to his home. Victor P Taffa has never had any reason to feel uncomfortable about going there. Recently staff members made it uncomfortable for Victor P Taffa to remain patronising the Hotel.

Homosexuality and Gay Marriage:

Victor P Taffa has always had a conflict between the Catholic faith that he was brought up on and Homosexuality. The attacks by the Labor Party against Victor P Taffa in ways described have leaded him to support Gay Marriage. Prime Minister Gillard has shown an enormous lack of leadership on this issue. Reason being is to keep onside with the Catholic Right Wing of the NSW Labor Party.

Recently while having his haircut one of the hairdressers questioned Victor P Taffa’s sexuality. In this environment unlike that of the incident at Sydney City Council Victor P Taffa was more than happy to discuss the issue. Victor P Taffa remarked why wasn’t the whole world heterosexual and entirely married? Also Victor P Taffa remarked that homosexual men did not rape women. Rather it was heterosexual men that raped women. This is a problem in every country around the world.

It would seem that all the problems at Sydney City Council from the day of induction in October 2012 and questions of sexuality in the workplace to the incident at the Hairdresser’s and The Ranch Hotel have been the mischievous work again of the NSW Labor Party. All as another election looms.

Full Time Employment:

Over a period of time it would seem that Victor P Taffa is being thwarted at every turn to obtain Full Time employment. It has been largely through Labor Government’s to encourage casual employment in the workforce. Even when working in a casual capacity Victor P Taffa has been singled out. Who is really behind such tactics remains a mystery except possibly those who know of him and his political views. The reality is that Victor P Taffa cannot pay all his bills and relies on the goodwill of others for financial assistance.

Many years ago someone remarked to Victor P Taffa that “ If there were no Labor Members of Parliament left we would still hate Victor P Taffa.”  The Labor Party are renowned as good haters and never forgive or forget.

The NSW Labor Party would do well to worry about having good policies rather than attack Victor P Taffa at every turn particularly as elections draw near.

The NSW Labor Party should remember that the Labor Party forgot to water the original tree in Breakfast Creek, Queensland at the site of the founding of the Labor Party. The Labor Party allowed the tree to wither and die.

Similarly with Industry Policy in Australia, Labor Government’s are allowing Australia to wither and die financially on the vine. That is why people like 48 year old Victor P Taffa cannot get a job and live a financially stable life.    


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