NPWS Undertakes Shameful Slaughter Of Brumbies

NPWS Undertakes Shameful Slaughter Of Brumbies

Save The Brumbies President Jan Carter

Cull Of Brumbies By NPWS

Victor P Taffa

The NPWS plans to engage in a mass slaughter of Brumby Horses.

At the very same time the NPWS fails to adequately manage to control bushfires in National Parks.

It is with dismay and disgust that we read the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) in relation to the proposed Draft Plan of Management regarding the Heritage wild horses in the Alpine regions, Save The Brumbies President Jan Carter said.

“To consider reducing the number of horses to some 600 will result in inbreeding, a poor quality of horse and the eventual demise of our national icon.” Ms. Carter said.

“What a history does that leave for future generations of Australians?”

Our colonial past, our future, destroyed for the want of planned humane management on the part of our Government and NPWS. Yet millions of tax payers’ money is spent on protecting bats that kill horses and humans, sharks that eat people and these magnificent animals whose descendants served us and died for us in both world wars are shot in the name of conservation.

“Already our nation has a reputation of brutality regarding animal welfare. We well remember the atrocious slaughter of Brumby horses in Guy Fawkes River National Park, conducted just one month following the opening of the Olympic Games in Sydney where our national icon, the Brumby horse and our Snowy River horsemen were praised the world over.”

Global condemnation followed the slaughter. 6,000 horses in the Alpine region is sustainable, the horses cover a wide area of the park and are never all together in one specific area.

More damage is caused by wild pigs, wombats, digging around water holes and creeks, not to mention feral cats, dogs to name a few.

Seeds can be spread by humans, bush walkers, skiers, 4 wheel vehicles, trail bikes yet the horses are blamed for every conceivable environmental concern.

Large animals, horses graze in the open daylight, other more destructive species are unseen under cover of night; therefore the horses get the blame.

“The obvious ultimate aim of Government and NPWS is to render the Brumby horse extinct into the future. This must not be allowed to happen.” Ms. Carter said.

Brumby horses are tough, strong survivors, excellent riding horses in all equestrian disciplines, they are now a recognised breed competing at shows Australia wide and demand for them as recreational family horses grows yearly as horse lovers become more aware of their qualities, intelligence and trainability yet they are condemned and outlawed by our Government with no allowance made for their invaluable contribution to the development of our nation.

Brumby Horses Shot By NPWS Cull

Brumby Horses Shot By NPWS Cull


Brumby Horses minding their own business

Brumby Horses minding their own business



NPWS (National Parks And Wildlife Service)

The NPWS is renowned for having a nickname. That being the National Sparks and Wildlife Service.

Some people in the community believe the NPWS is unable to control bushfires or undertake Hazzard Reduction Burns.

It rather hypocritical of the NPWS to cull Brumby Horses who have been a part of Australia’s Defence during times of war when they cannot undertake the basic function of Bushfire management in National Parks.