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Victoria Shadow Minister for Police Peter Ryan

VIC Coalition Will Establish Paedophile Taskforce

Victor P Taffa

A Victorian Liberal Nationals Coalition Government will fund a Specialist Victoria Police Paedophile Taskforce to Locate and Prosecute Child Sex Offenders, Shadow Minister for Police and Leader of The Nationals Peter Ryan said today.

“The sexual abuse of children is a heinous crime which inflicts a lifetime of pain and suffering on young innocent victims.” Mr. Ryan said.

“The Coalition believes the crime of Paedophilia in Victoria deserves greater attention than it receives under the Brumby Government.”

“Under a Coalition Government, a dedicated Paedophile Special Investigations Unit will operate in addition to the existing sexual crimes squad to catch criminals who have committed appalling atrocities against children.”


“The Paedophile Taskforce will have all the necessary resources and the capacity to investigate and prosecute offenders so that these atrocities don’t go unpunished.”

Mr. Ryan said the Brumby Government had failed to go far enough to help victims of child sexual abuse by refusing to establish a dedicated special investigations unit.

“These awful crimes are committed all too regularly but under the Brumby Government, insufficient resources have limited the ability of our hard-working Police to hunt down those responsible.” Mr. Ryan said.

“The Coalition is committed to relentlessly pursuing paedophiles and the establishment of a Specialist Paedophile Taskforce will help capture those responsible for these appalling crimes and provide justice for victims and families.”

Mr. Ryan said today’s announcement followed revelations last month that a Brumby Government bungle left 700 children in Victoria exposed to 376 Registered Sex Offenders.

“The Coalition has committed to a judicial review of Victoria’s child protection system which the Ombudsman found suffers from widespread breakdowns because of the Brumby Government’s incompetence.” Mr. Ryan said.

“Premier John Brumby should adopt Coalition policy and establish a specialist Paedophile Taskforce because a failure to do so will only cause further grief to abused children.” Mr. Ryan said.


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