Novice Santimano Takes Out ANB Title 2016

Novice Santimano Takes Out ANB Title 2016

Strict Diet And Focus On Training Pays Off For Santimano

Victor P Taffa

Terence Santimano only new to Bodybuilding has achieved in months what his rivals has been trying to do for years and has won the (Australasian Natural Bodybuilding) ANB Muscle Model 2016 National Championships.

Terence Santimano born in India never went to the gym a lot and until 1998 was overweight.

“I was just big. I wanted some substance.” Santimano said.

He commenced weight training and moved to Auckland, New Zealand in 2002 and completed his Masters in International Business.

Santimano continued to train but packed on weight in 2007 before moving to Sydney.

“I visited Sydney in 2007 for my sister’s wedding, fell in love with Sydney and moved here in 2007.” Santimano said.

Santimano changed his routine and diet.

“Weight Training dominates daily schedule. Like brushing my teeth. I am religious with workouts.”


Diet Before Competition

  • Creatine-Takes only
  • No Protein Shakes
  • Eat Meats
  • Coffee, tea every day.

Santimano attends Elite Fitness at Bella Vista and in May 2016 was invited to a Body Building Show.

“I was dealing with a lot of other stuff at the time.”

Timmy Naidoo from Body Dynamix, Quakers Hill has known Santimano for more than 10 years and had been his coach for 14 weeks before the competition.

Santimano did not know if he was ready for competition yet his coach knew better and realised that he was capable of winning the Championship.

“In 3 months my body is tweaked to go on Body Building Stage.”


  • 77 kg Before Going On Stage
  • 8 kg Going On Stage

Santimano lost weight in 14 weeks with a Program called Shredding.


  • Muscle Model- Main Category with 6 Competitors
  • Fitness Model-Smaller Build Person
Terence Santimano Proudly Holding His Championsip Cup

Terence Santimano Proudly Holding His Championsip Cup



Diet During Competition

  • 6 Meals a Day
  • All Meals are Weighed
  • Only Egg Whites
  • No Egg Yolks
  • Minimal Spices
  • Boiled Vegetables, Meat only in last 2-5 weeks before competition
  • No Coffee, Tea, Yoghurt






Santimano competed in the Regional Competition at Central Coast at first on 24 September, 2016.

There were 6 in each category including Posing. Posing is the skill of showing each muscle.

“Temptation to break diet routine is enormous. Others dropped out.” Santimano said.

Night before competition Santimano did Posing at Central Coast and achieved 4th Placing having prepped overnight in readiness.

“Mentally very challenging, draining. Before competition I was petrified.”

“Once I got on stage adrenalin kicked in.” Santimano said.


Terence Santimano and Other Category Winners

Terence Santimano and Other Category Winners










At the Novice Category-National Under 70 kg, Santimano achieved 3rd Placing at which there were 7 Competitors.

Model look is refined muscle look. Eating carbs helps give model look from a shredded look.

Terence Santimano won the Championship because he did not expect to. From being overweight to winning the Muscle Model 2016 National Championships only happened through hard work, determination and not accepting defeat.

Terence Santimano had not spent a lifetime preparing for the event and as such his coach did not have old training habits to train out of him.

In life as with everything it comes down to attitude. If you want something badly enough then no one will stop you and Terence Santimano is testament to that.